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A move to Gold Coast Australia is the adventure of a lifetime.
Overseas health professionals are welcomed.
We have world class healthcare services and a unique range of working and living environments.

We are experts in recruiting doctors, allied health professionals and locums, both locally and internationally.
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Gold Coast Doctor - Medical Employment

At Gold Coast Doctor we pride ourselves on the philosophy that matching qualified people with the right position leads to long-lasting relationships with valued clients as well as candidates. Our approach to staffing uses creative recruiting practices. We are the leaders in Gold Coast Australia medical employment.

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Gold Coast Doctor will help you find a career opportunity to suit your needs. We recognize the importance of finding you the right employment in Australia.
We respect your time and work to introduce you to only the most suitable companies for you. We will do our best in aligning your professional skills with opportunities that fit your goals, personality, and interests. We save you time, because we have relationships with many firms. Our cumulative resources are focused to find you the right position in a fraction of the time it might take you on your own. It is our job to save you time and money by finding employment that fits your experience. Please take a few moments to complete our application form.
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Gold Coast Doctor Testimonials

“From the outset the staff at Gold Coast Doctor Australia have given me honest, practical and relevant advice.”

Dr. John Fitsgerald

Gold Coast Doctor Benefits

Most Doctors after working with Gold Coast Doctor Australia, for a few weeks suddenly realize that they no longer want their old job paying $20-$40 dollars an hour...